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Outreach in the UAE

Description: Expanding the EA movement to wide-ranging communities in the UAE

  1. Goal:

    1. Expand the reach of the NYUAD Arete Fellowship

    2. Cultivate EA-aligned students and develop human capital across multiple universities and communities in the UAE

    3. Send more UAE representatives to EA Global conferences

  2. Project Contents:

    1. We want to bring Effective Altruism to your campus through offline- and online- information sessions. And we would love organize EA training sessions for emerging leaders at your university or community 

  3. Project Audience:

    1. We currently aim to introduce Effective Altruism to several English-speaking higher-ed institutions in the UAE, such as the Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi, Khalifa University, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi University, and American University in Dubai, etc.

    2. We would also welcome the opportunity to bring Effective Altruism to high school communities and other local philanthropic and/or altruistic interest groups.

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