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Abu Dhabi
Fall 2021 Fellows

New York Fellows

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Johanna Roniger

From: Vienna, Austria

I am Johanna, an exchange student here at NYU in the last semester of my undergrad at the University of Amsterdam (major: economics & business, minor: politics, psychology, law). I am fascinated by the economic and financial system, challenges of public policy, and the psychology of decision making. I have a passion for classical music & jazz, for mountaineering & mindfulness and for exciting dialogues. Above all I am driven by a motivation to use my potential not only for myself but for others. What path will allow me to best contribute to society in a sustainable manner? I hope to get a little closer to the answer with the EA fellowship.

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Genevieve Hesse

 From: Chicago, IL

I'm a sophomore in CAS studying Sociology and possibly pursuing a minor in Business Studies. I am interested in the intersection of the private sector and sociology, engaging in non-profit work, and love to play and watch tennis! 

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Sarah Kilpatrick

From: San Jose, California

Class/School: Class of 2022/CAS, Major/Minor: Math/Data Science

I am passionate about the democratization of data! Open data is important to me because citizen scientists (like you and me) have a lot to dedicate to scientific progress. In class, I love to learn about how mathematicians model and describe the motion of our atmosphere. I've had the fantastic opportunity to work with the Cooperative Institute for Climate, Ocean, and Ecosystem Studies at the University of Washington on a project with Dr. Chiodi studying the impact of Tropical Pacific Ocean climate systems on snowpack levels in the Northern Cascade Mountains. Currently, I'm supporting the Open Science Data Initiative at NASA headquarters, working with Dr. Crawford, leveraging natural language processing methods to automate certain aspects of NASA's workflow. In my free time, I like visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art. When I'm not in the math department, I enjoy reading on the Hudson Waterfront and teaching myself how to knit.

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Alex Zhao

Alex is a Junior from Chicago majoring in Math and Economics and minoring in Computer Science and business. He is interested in economic growth in poor countries and the economic impacts of technology, with a growing soft spot for behavioral economics. Alex is always open to a conversation over music, tennis, or formula 1 racing.

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Nidhi Sinha

Nidhi is a senior studying Mathematics, Computer Science, and Philosophy. Her primary interests lie within ethics in technology, especially regarding AI, but she is also passionate about LGBTQ+/POC social issues. She hopes to learn how to focus these broad interests into tangible action through this fellowship. For fun, she enjoys going to the beach (as is essential for any California native) and hanging out with her cat Mister Dizzy Gillespie.

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Evyn Banawoye

Evyn is a junior at CAS studying global public health/sociology and philosophy. She is also minoring in french. She is passionate about black feminism/liberation, human rights in conflict zones,  mindfulness, leisure reading, creative writing and ramen. She loves to learn random facts about random things. She hopes to become a multihyphenate working as a creative writer, a profession in human rights, publishing, and curatorial work. 

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Rida Ali

Rida is a senior in Global Studies, concentrating in Politics, Human Rights, and Development. She is minoring in MCC and South Asian studies. She is interested in the intersection of urban development, human rights, and political resistance. Rida serves as the President of the Muslim Students Association, where she works towards building an inclusive and activism-driven Muslim community. For fun, she enjoys poetry, travelling, and film photography. 

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Bobby Feng

From: Chongqing, China

I am a 2nd year undergraduate student at Gallatin with a concentration in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. My concentration in philosophy focuses on ethics, specifically on animal ethics and metaethics. I am still mostly exploring the economics discipline and don't see myself heavily investigating the theory. I enjoy reading about the history of economic thought and the history of financial crises. 

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Gracyn Potter

From: Gainesville, GA, Based: Brooklyn, New York 


Class/ School: Senior, NYU CAS, Major: Comparative Literature and Sociology

I am interested in environmental communication and literature as a means for developing rhetoric and policy that is effective in fighting climate change. During my time at NYU, I've been involved in a few grassroots Democratic campaigns in my native North Georgia, and am currently working at a social-impact communications firm that is dedicated to fighting workplace misconduct. I'm an avid yet not very fast runner and I love to cook.

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Julian Brenman

Julian Brenman, a sophomore in the College of Arts and Sciences at NYU, developed a bi-lingual arts education initiative for a Philadelphia Latina nonprofit in 2016, created a musical expression framework for young adults on the Autism Spectrum in Northern California, and founded a spiritual support program for end-of-life patients at a nursing home from 2016 to 2020.

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Moritz K. Hagemann

Moritz is a German MBA exchange student at NYU Stern. Prior to his studies at NYU Stern, he worked for different consultancies, most recently on a project to support a federal ministry on developing new anti-financial-crime measures. Outside of work, Moritz chaired an association focused on promoting educational justice, co-founded an open innovation initiative and headed the Venture Capital Club of his hometown university HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management. He is passionate about social impact start-ups & new technologies, public policy & mechanism design, and moral philosophy & longtermism. On the weekends, one is most likely to find him on a tennis court, in an art museum or backpacking in the great outdoors.

Corina Senior-Egana

Corina is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Child & Adolescent Mental Health Studies (CAMS) and Studio Art (possibly). She is passionate about animal welfare, mental health awareness, and sustainability. In addition to her studies, Corina is a Community and Events Coordinator at the Climate Journal Project, a startup focusing on climate-anxiety alleviation. She travels whenever she can, likes to get food with her friends, and will be found at the nearest dog park in her free time (she really loves dogs). 

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Meenal Khandaker

Meenal is a senior at NYU studying biology and psychology. She is passionate about disparities in healthcare and is particularly interested in learning about how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated these gaps. She is also interested in vaccine accessibility. Meenal loves working with kids and currently serves as an America Reads tutor at an NYC elementary school. In her free time, she loves figure skating, dancing, collecting stuffed animals, and going to Spot Dessert Bar.

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