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Effective Altruism

Learn to do good better


Effective Altruism At A Glance

There are currently:


  • 767 million people living in extreme poverty (defined by the World Bank as living with under $1.90 a day)[1]

  • Over 50 billion land animals being killed in slaughterhouses every year[2]

  • Several million people dying from preventable diseases every year[3]

  • Multiple existential threats to life on earth, ranging from climate change to artificial intelligence, from pandemics to nuclear war, among many others

"Is it normal to feel lost?"

Yes, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by these numbers, and feel there's nothing you alone can do to help. Fortunately, there's already a community of people actively working together to solve these problems in the most efficient way possible and ultimately make the world a better place.


The Two Parts of

Effective Altruism

  1. Using evidence and reason to find out which causes we should prioritize, and how we should compare between different areas (e.g. poverty and climate change)

  2. Using that information to let us maximize the number of individuals we help

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